Exe-rated runners!

Exe-rated runners!
The successful Harriers team, en masse, at the Erme Valley Relays, July 2013

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Bravo Rob-air Or-tonne d'Exmoot 'arriers!

Rob Orton works in France for most of the year but is also able to spend extended periods in the Exmouth area where he has family connections and so this has made it worthwhile joining our happy band of Harriers. He ran well in races the last time he made an appearnce, back in May, on this side of the channel, but he has now added his name to a long list of Harriers who have run internationally without being clad in an international vest. In fact, in the scenic surrounds of Annecy in south-eastern France, Rob wore his Exmouth vest with pride in the 2000 strong Annecy 10K, which is a flat, fast 10k run around the stunnign Annecy lake. The race was won in an eye-catching time of 29:50 but Rob’s 33:09 for 15th place is as impressive a time for the distance that anybody from the club has produced in a while and that vest is sure to have produced a few second glances. It certainly presented the finish line announcer with some linguistic challenges as he struggled firth with the 'th' combination of sounds in 'Exmouth' and then with the 'H' at the start of Harriers: both of these are sounds which just do not exist in the French language! 

Rob, or 'Rob'air', as he was announced over the tannoy, will be back with us for a couple of weeks in October and we look forward to welcoming him and the vest back on to British soil and we wagerly await some more strong performances, which he undoubtedly has up his sleeve: put it this way - the other guys who are in contention for the 'Exmouth Harriers' Male Champion 2013' accolade are starting to get a little hot under the collar now after Rob's recent 10k performance! 

Bravo Rob: nous sommes fier de toi!

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