Exe-rated runners!

Exe-rated runners!
The successful Harriers team, en masse, at the Erme Valley Relays, July 2013

Friday, 4 July 2014

Announcement re. future of the blog

Dear loyal Ex-rated blog readers. Please read this following announcement regarding the future of the blog.

It is with much reluctance that, after over 3 years of keeping this blog for the Harriers, that I am going to have to bring it to an end. Due to a change in my work and personal circumstances, I just do not have time to keep it updated, and certainly not to the standard that I have done it in the past. Most of the posts take a good hour, at least, to research and compile and I do not have this time available each evening now to do it justice.

If anyone in the club would like to take it over then I would love to hear from you. You can make it your own and change the style / format of the posts, just post a results summary and some highlights, or just photos - whatever.

However, if nobody comes forward, the plan B is to use the Harriers facebook page to share information and stories about your running experiences, either training, competitive, personal challenge or otherwise. This seems to be the most popular portal for communication in the club these days and so we may as well make use of it. Post about something you've done or post about something you know someone else in the club has done; let everyone know! And don't be afraid of blowing your own trumpet: if we all share our achievements, nobody will standout.

Hopefully we can get a good dialogue going on there and share all our running experiences and that will go someway to fill the gap left by the blog.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me over the past few years and contributed the occasional article: Terry, Carly, Les, and mostly thanks to Dave Eveleigh who I could always rely on for a copy and paste from his press reports on occasions when I didn't have the time to compose my own report!

Keep on runnin' everyone!