Exe-rated runners!

Exe-rated runners!
The successful Harriers team, en masse, at the Erme Valley Relays, July 2013

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Exciting new club event - take a look!

‘Coast to Coast’ - Club Weekend

On the 16th and 17th June, 2012, there will be an opportunity to take part in a weekend of running organised by the Harriers for members of the club and their partners and family and friends.

This is a club social run, not a race, and so open to all runners regardless of ability. The average distance to traverse is approximately 8 miles off road. If you can manage the distance, then the pace you manage it in is down to you and your run partners.

What’s it all about?

The challenge is to traverse Devon, Coast to Coast, from Wembury in the south to Lynmouth in the north. The run will be a relay, split over two days.

There will be an overnight stop, (at halfway), at the home of Dawn Teed and Hugh Marsden, at Thorne Orchard, Bow, near Crediton, by their kind invitation, which will be the venue for a social and barbecue on the Saturday evening, and also provides a place to camp for those making a weekend of it.

What do you have to do?

To run as much or as little as you like, to stay with the event for as long as you want.

o There are 12 legs, six on each day. If you are limited for time, then choose a leg, do your run and leave it there.
o If you have time to run and join the social evening, then you will be very welcome.
o If you can only make the social evening (particularly for partners and family members and friends) you (they) will be very welcome.
o If you want to run again on the Sunday, then you have the option to stay over night or return on day two.

How will it all work?

Check out the leg details attached and which will also be in the ‘club folder’ at the tennis centre.

o Choose the day(s) and time and distance that suits you (but also think about ‘buddying up’ with your usual running partner(s) who have the same or similar pace).
o If someone has already booked a slot that you would like to do, see if they are happy to run with you. This is not going to be a race. It is a social run only.
o Book the leg (or legs, if you want to do a longer run), by completing the booking form in the club folder, and organise how you are going to get to the start (and back to the start from your finish).

The club will have a minibus support vehicle for the duration of the event. This can carry runners but, subject to space, also partners and family members who may wish to get involved with the day. It can take runners onwards to the finish but not back to the start of their leg.

What do we need to make it work?

Ideally, all of you, but the club recognises that not everyone can give up time at the weekend for this type of activity.

The minimum number required is 6 runners on each day.

If we can, let’s get at least 2 runners on each leg of the route of about the same or similar standard to make it more interesting. For example, if you wish to do a quick leg with a fast group, why not join a slower group as well for a relaxed warm down.

In addition, if you can’t run, for whatever reason, then why not simply bring the ‘significant other(s)’ with you to the barbecue on Saturday evening. The venue is in a beautiful location and promises to offer a wonderful backdrop to a club social.

What will it cost?

o There is no charge for the run or for making use of the mini bus.

o There will be a nominal charge for the barbecue to cover the cost of food.

o Barbecues will be available to use at the overnight stop, if you wish to bring your own food.

o Drinks are entirely your own responsibility, along with content and quantity!

What next?

Check out the details attached.

Either contact me on my email address of darkdestroyer01@hotmail.co.uk to book places or put your name(s) down on the hard copy in the club folder at the Tennis Centre.

I will contact you to confirm your place and to let you have the route description and maps of the route. Once I know who will be doing which leg or legs, I will then re-consider the estimated times and issue a revised start and finish time for each leg shortly before the event.

A map of the overnight stop and directions of how to get there will be circulated at the end of May.


Estimated start time
Names (plus contact mobile phone number)

Leg One –
Wembury to Yealmpton
Start from: Wembury Beach (near signpost ‘Lynmouth 117 miles’)
Distance: 7 miles
Estimated time for run (at 10 minutes per mile pace): 1 hour 10 minutes
Estimated finish time: 9.40 am
Start time: 8.30 am (arrive at start and be ready to go at 8.15 am)

Leg Two –
Yealmpton to Ivybridge
Start from: bottom Torr Hill, Yealmpton (at wooden footbridge)
Distance: 9 miles
Estimated time for run (at 10 minutes per mile pace): 1 hour 30 minutes
Estimated finish time: 11.10 am
Start time: 9.40 am (arrive at start and be ready to go at 9.15 am)

Leg Three –

Ivybridge to Holne
Start from: Ivybridge Leisure Centre, riverside footpath
Distance: 15 miles
Estimated time for run (at 10 minutes per mile pace): 2 hrs 30 minutes
Estimated finish time: 1.30 pm
Start time: 11.10 am (arrive at start and be ready to go at 10.45 am)

Leg Four –
Holne to Hookney Tor
Start from: Holne church
Distance: 8 miles
Estimated time for run (at 10 minutes per mile pace): 1 hour 20 minutes
Estimated finish time: 2.50 pm
Start time: 1.30 pm (arrive at start and be ready to go at 1.15 pm)

Leg Five –
Hookney Tor to
Dogmarsh Bridge
Start from: roadside, just past Hookney Tor
Distance: 11 miles
Estimated time for run (at 10 minutes per mile pace): 1 hour 50 minutes
Estimated finish time: 4.40 pm
Start time: 2.50 pm (arrive at start and be ready to go at 2.40 pm)

Leg Six –
Dogmarsh Bridge to Thorne Farm
Start from: Dogmarsh Bridge (A382)
Distance: 12 miles
Estimated time for run (at 10 minutes per mile pace): 2 hours
Estimated finish time: 6.40 pm
Finish: Thorne Orchard.
Start time: 4.40 pm (arrive at start and be ready to go at 4.30 pm)

Social Evening/barbecue


Start time
Names (plus contact mobile phone number)

Leg Seven –
Thorne Orchard to Witheridge
Start from: Thorne Orchard
Distance: 12 miles
Estimated time for run (at 10 minutes per mile pace): 2 hours
Estimated finish time: 10.30 am
Start time: 8.30 am

Leg Eight –
Witheridge to Knowstone
Start from: Parish Hall, Witheridge
Distance: 8 miles
Estimated time for run (at 10 minutes per mile pace): 1 hour 20 minutes
Estimated finish time: 11.50 am
Start time: 10.30 am

Leg Nine –
Knowstone to Hawkridge
Start from: Knowstone church
Distance: 8 miles
Estimated time for run (at 10 minutes per mile pace): 1 hour 20 minutes
Estimated finish time: 1.10 pm
Start time: 11.50 am

Leg Ten –
Hawkridge to Withypool
Start from:
Hawkridge school
Distance: 8 miles
Estimated time for run (at 10 minutes per mile pace): 1 hour 20 minutes
Estimated finish time: 2.30 pm
Start time: 1.10 pm

Leg Eleven –
Withypool to Simonsbath
Start from: Withypool church
Distance: 7 miles
Estimated time for run (at 10 minutes per mile pace): 1 hour 10 minutes
Estimated finish time: 3.40 pm
Start time: 2.30 pm

Leg Twelve –
Simonsbath to Lynmouth
Start from: Ashcombe car park, Simonsbath
Distance: 12 miles
Estimated time for run (at 10 minutes per mile pace): 2 hours
Estimated finish time: 5.40 pm
Finish: Lynmouth main street (opposite car park)
Start time: 3.40 pm

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

2 Harriers challenged at Axmouth

A report just in from Jamie Palmer to say that he and John Perret competed in the Axmouth Challange event on 8th January (at the same time as many other Harriers were tackling the somewhat easier, in terms of gradient, First Chance 10k).

There were two choices of distance: either the hily 10 mile multi-terrain race or the shorter 5 mile event. Jamie opted for the former and John for the latter.

In the 10 mile Jamie was very pleased with his time of 63.12 and his place (an impressive 5th over all) after having not raced for over a month. On a hilly off-road course, he should be more than pleased with this time! The winner, Steve Osbourne, burned around in a spritely 58.12.

Meanwhile, in the 5 mile event, John came... wait for it, wait for it... 1st! 1st vet? NO! Well, yes, but also 1st over all. When you consider that John competes in the vet 70 category, the other runners must have felt sickened!! There wasn't a massive field of runners in the race, but nevertheless, John can be proud to have shown his fellow (younger!) competitors how it's done!

Well done to both Harriers!

Monday, 16 January 2012

Oh my Obelisk!

On cold, crisp and sunny January day, 5 Exmouth Harriers hopped across the estuary to Dawlish to tackle the Dawlish Coasters' organised 'Oh my obelisk!' race. Despite the twee name, this is in fact a rather tough, hilly and off-road 11 miler that takes runners up a hill out of Dawlish to the obelisk that stands at the summit.

Weather conditions were favourable this year so there was not much mud to navigate on the course, making for some very fast times. In fact the winner, Michael Ronison of Tamar Trotters, negotiated the 11 miles in a time of 1.08.54. Our Harriers contingent did not discredit themselves, however, and also posted some impressive times.

Top of the pile was Jon Garrity. Since joining the club in the summer he has improved no end and his efforts in training and competing saw him place in the top 20 finishers of the race - 19th in 1.19.30. In a very strong Vet 40 field, this was only good enough for 9th MV40.

Very hot on his heels was Richard Bishop. On the back of a fine performance and a new PB at last week's 'First Chance 10k', Richard followed with a time of 1.20.07 for 21st place over all and 10th MV40.

David Wright also ran well for a top-50 placing: 49th in 1.25.21 and 8th MV50.

Not having such a great day at the office was usual Mr. Speedy pants, Dave Stone. Unusually for Dave he not only placed outside the top 10 but outside the top 50, coming 54th and 22nd MV/40 in 1.26.17... did you give your number to someone else, Dave?!

Representing the female Harriers were the evenly matched pairing of Jane Macdonald and Sue Hill. Jane clocked 1.47.09 for 171st place and Sue rolled in a minute later in 1.48.21 for 181st spot.

There were 239 finishers so all the Harriers finished well up in the field.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

4 Harriers tear around Torrington!

Terry, Tree-boy and Katie prepare to tackle the Torrington Caper.

Christmas may have been approaching and so they might have been excused from racing, instead using their spare time to do last minute turkey shopping or be at home putting up the decorations and swilling sherry, but 4 hard-core Harriers rather chose to head to Torrington to race in the Torrington Christmas Caper multiterrain race.

Billed as offering the intrepid off-roadie 9.5 miles of mud, forests, rivers and hills, it is tough from start to finish and has previously been voted Devon Race of the Year. This year wet conditions on the course meant that the challenge was as great as ever, but this did not deter out stalwart contingent of Harriers from giving it their best shot.

There were 181 finishers, 4 of whom were Harriers, and of these John Garrity was top Harrier of the day, finishing in 30th spot in a creditable time for such a tough course of 1.16.53.

Not too far behind him was recently crowned 'Exmouth Harrier Male Athlete of the Year', Scott Jordan. On this occasion though, Scott was making a special guest appearance as a Christmas tree - fully bedecked with tinsel! He completed the tough 9.5 mile course in 1.24.10, giving him 59th place over all... how embarrassing for the 122 runners behind him to have been beaten by a Christmas tree!!

Next in, giving a token nodd towards the approaching festive season via his efforts in donning a demeure strand of tinsel, was Terry Oldham. Terry would no doubt have kicked himself for letting a Christmas tree beat him at the best of times, but when that tree is concealing rival runner Scott Jordan beneathe its branches, the ego blow must have been even greater! Nevertheless, Terry ran well over the challenging terrain to post a time of 1.26.45 for 67th place and 9th MV50.

Last but by no means least was Katie Comer, representing the female Harriers contingent with pride. She took 1.35.05 to cover the course which gave her 111th spot over all and placed her 21st female on the day.

This man clearly had too much time on his hands over the festive period...

Monday, 9 January 2012

14 Harriers grab their 'First Chance'... 10k

Start of the First Chance 10k - Mike leads us all out... and leads us all in again 36 minutes later!

A popular event on the New Year running calendar in the region is the South West Road Runner's organised 'First Chance 10k', so called because it provides entrants with their first chance of the year to compete and their first chance to get the fitness regime back on track after the over-indulgences of the festive period. This year all 600 places were sold out before race day, 14 of them being scooped up by Exmouth Harriers.

The race is well known as being flat and fast as it snakes a trail alongside the Exeter canal and the River Exe in Exeter. Half of it is on a tarmac path and half on a gravel track and the only real factor to influence conditions on the course is the strength of the wind, which this year was fairly moderate.

Of the 600 who signed up, 503 completed the race, with Jim Cole of Tavistock AC taking an impressive victory in 31.51.

Having a great race for the Harriers was Mike Musgrove, who led us all home and also led the MV40s home as he claimed top spot in that category, placing 17th overall in a time of 36.08. This time was just 5 seconds shy of his PB set in Langport in Autumn, showing that Mike has managed to keep his fitness up over the winter: an example to us all!

Next in was Mike's training partner (in crime), Adam Miller. Adam had a strong run despite some recent niggles in his foot and ankle which have slowed him down in training and he posted a time of 37.12, giving him 28th place overall.

Adam pushes on at the end of the first loop.

Then came Richard Bishop, having a storming run to clock a new PB of 39.27 which gave him 48th place overall and 8th in a strongly contested MV45 category. More impressive, this came shortly after his escapades along the uber-tough stretch of Dorset Coastline as he competed in and placed a highly commendable 8th in the CTS Trail Marathon just a couple of weeks before.
Richard, looking very strong on his way to a sub-40 time.

Hot on Richard's heals was Chris Dupain. Chris seems to go off-radar for long periods of time and then just pop up like a goafer and churn out a fast time. He must keep up the fitness in between times (at least we hope he does or we'd be very annoyed if this was just natural speed and ability!). He came in just 2 places and 11 seconds behind Richard, 50th in 39.38.
Chris finishing strongly.

I, Ellie Sutcliffe, trailed in next, and trailed really being the word. I was in very poor shape going into the race and was forced to take it much steadier than usual, plagued by achillies niggles, a reduced fitness level and on the back of a 3 week all-inclusive holiday! I clocked 40.15, my worst on this course and over 2 minutes down on my PB set here in summer. The quality of the women's race this year was much weaker than last, with my faster time from last year only being good enough for 8th place, but this year's slower time enough for 4th place in the women's race. The top woman was Alison Thorn of Erme Valley in 39.10... a time I feel I should have beaten - ggrrrrr!!
Goodness knows what I'm looking so happy about - I had a shocker of a day at the office!

Andy Johnson had a good race, Mr. Consistency, he continually churns out 10k times around the 41-42 minute mark and this race was no exception. He ran 41.21 for 78th spot overall and 13th MV45.
Very colour-co-ordinated, Andy, having a good race!

Hoping to set a new PB was Rory Devine. Rory set off like a looney and disappeared out of my sight early on, but his early pace proved tricky to sustain and he lost time in the latter half of the race. Nevertheless, he totally smashed his previous PB by around 2 minutes, covering the 10k course in 42.26 for 101st place.
Looking good! Rory on his way to setting a huge new PB.

Ben White came next, battling it out in his own personal race with his partner, Emma, and, on this occasion, coming out on top! He clocked 45.08 for 154th place.
Also very colour-co-ordinated, Ben flies the Harrier's flag with style!

Emma Dupain had to pace Ben and literally eat his dust as his speed over the shorter distance just outmatched hers. She took 10 seconds longer to cover the 6 1/4 miles, but those 10 seconds count! Emma placed 161st, 22nd female and is no doubt looking forward to the Exeter Half Marathon, her favoured distance, in February to enact her revenge on Ben!

Also carrying the Dupain flag and making sure the family standard was well represented was Dad, Nigel. Nigel recorded a very good time of 47.09, placing him high up in terms of age-graded WAVA percentages. He was 194th overall and 7th MV60.
A man on a mission: Nigel storms ahead!

Not running under the Exmouth Harrier's name, but a member of the club nonetheless, Siobhan Trapnell was chasing a sub-50 time. In the end she just missed out on this, clocking 50.24 for 265th place, but it was a new PB nevertheless for this athlete who is a graduate of the Exmouth Harrier's women's jogging group and is now making huge progress with her running.

Siobhan lives up to the wording on her tee-shirt!

Also defying age and nature was Mick Allen. Mick was 296th overall in 51.40, but, more impressively, he placed 4th MV65+, out running a lot of men many years his junior.

Jim Wyatt followed Mick's example and also did the strong Harrier's vet contingent proud, taking 53.40 to get around the course and claiming 331st spot and 7th MV65.

Last but by no means least, and deserving a special mention, was Mike's wife, Nic Musgrove. This was the longest race Nic has tackled, having only taken up running last year. She estimated that it would take her over an hour to complete the course but this proved to be a grossly inaccurate guess as she hot-footed it around in 54.49 for 344th place overall. Very well done and, next stop, a half marathon!

Thanks to Bob Woodhall and Dave Eveleigh for their course-side support, and thanks to Dave who contributed most of the above photos!