Exe-rated runners!

Exe-rated runners!
The successful Harriers team, en masse, at the Erme Valley Relays, July 2013

Thursday, 18 October 2012


Thanks to all the Harriers who made the effort to come along to the photo tonight. What a great turn out of 33 (and a half....) Harriers for the photo. Look above and I think you'll agree, we all look rather snazzy in our colour-coordinated outfits!!

This photo will be used on the club blog, the website, in press articles and will also feature on the front cover of an Exmouth Harriers yearbook that Dave Eveleigh has been working hard on all year and that you will all, as members, receive a copy of at the Christmas do.

Sorry to any Harriers who could not make the photo. In the end there were always going to be some people who could make Tuesday but not Thursday or vice versa, so we just had to pick a day and go with it. In particular sorry to Scott who just arrive after we started to dismantle the shot... we are working on including you with a little help from photoshop! ;-)

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